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A friend said we could have her amazing Backyard Adventures play structure if we could move it out of her yard. We hired someone to do it and he brought it to us and left it in pieces and never came back.

Within a week of finding Anthony, he was here putting it together. Super honest and super professional. Gave me great advice on its durability and care. He had it all put together within a few hours!! He was also was extremely patient with my excited kids asking if it was done yet 🙂

Don’t hesitate to call him to do any assembly you need!

Thanks again so much Anthony!!

Deborah M., 7/7/2016
I feel like I’m just going to be redundant in what other customers are saying about Anthony and his company, but when you receive such great customer service, you really do need to give accolades where accolades are due, especially now a days with all the run arounds you can get. This man was put on this earth to assemble play sets! He is so good at it, he doesn’t even have to look at the directions, he probably could do it in his sleep if he needed to. On top of that, he was super friendly, competent, timely and clean, you name it. He’s pretty much everything you hope for when you’re hiring someone for a specified service. He’s super professional, easy going, puts all the trash/recycling into one box when he’s done (which I appreciated) and is very reasonably priced, (we were originally quoted over 2x’s more than what he charged.) Thank you Anthony for making this a no brainer, I will be recommending you in the future!
Amanda D., 8/18/2016
Anthony is responsive, honest, timely and most important of all, supremely competent. He had our swing set built in less than a day and it’s rock solid. I’m, admittedly, somewhat picky and he handled my requests in stride and met each one. My kids have been on the swing set constantly for the past few days and I have no reservations about their safety due to Anthony’s workmanship. I will certainly recommend Ready.Play.Set to anyone I know in need of a playset assembly.
Tony D., 8/4/2016
Great experience with Anthony. He bent over backwards to get our playset installed before xmas. We ordered our set from Home Depot, and Anthony offered a fair price to install. Worth every penny. Our set was missing crucial bolts, and they were forced to make a second trip back out, but they did not complain at all. I helped my brother in law with a play set about 5 years ago and it was a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and go with Ready Play Set. Only thing I would do different is order one of their sets as they seem like much higher quality.
Todd J., 1/4/2017
We needed to move a HUMONGOUS wood playset that our Beverly Hills friends very generously gave our kids. This playset is 20 ft x 24 ft, with 2 sets of monkey bars, a tire swing, a trapeze/rings, slide, climbing wall, rope ladder, 2 other kinds of climbing sections, a large,wood-roofed platform and two additional wood-roofed “penthouses.” Yeah. It’s an enormous playset. Tony SINGLEHANDEDLY disassembled the playset in Beverly Hills, moved it to San Diego, and assembled it in our yard. IN ONE DAY. He ran out of daylight toward the end, and he voluntarily texted me the next morning because he wanted to come by and check the roofs of the penthouses and of the main platform, since those were the pieces he installed last. Tony came back and adjusted the roof of one of the penthouses (only a minor adjustment was needed) and tightened and secured the pieces. Tony is a construction savant. He instinctively knows which pieces go where and what needs to be put together first. We were very pleased with the work.
Stella S., 3/28/2012
I hired a handyman that we have been using for years to assemble a playlet we bought at Costco. Our handyman came in the morning and 4 hours later he told me he couldn’t figure out how to assemble it. All the pieces were out and my 4 year old son was so excited to have it built. I really didn’t think I would be able to get anyone to finish the job that day as it was already 1:30. I was pretty disappointed at this point, but I decided to at least call around and try. I found Readyplayset on yelp and s/w Tony. He was in the middle of a job and agreed to come over afterwards at about 3:30. Tony came over and was able to complete the assembly. It was not even 1/3 completed by my handyman and Tony was able to complete it the same day before it got dark. My son was so happy. Tony really saved the day! I wish I knew more people who wanted a playlet assembled just so I can refer him more business. Thanks Tony!
D B., 4/25/2016
Anthony came out the day after Christmas to help us install our daughter’s new Vuli trampoline. My wife and I tried to install it for 5 hours on Christmas day, to no avail. Anthony was able to determine a more intelligent approach to putting our trampoline together and in a little over an hour we had the entire trampoline installed. Anthony was a great guy, who would not give up, and was determined to help us install our trampoline for our 11 year old daughter’s Christmas gift.

I have never written a review in my life for a company. However, after Anthony helped bail out my wife and I for our daughter’s Christmas gift, this is the least I could do. I would highly recommend Anthony to anybody in need of a similar project.

Stephen R., 12/27/2016
I contacted Anthony on Monday about moving a playset that we found on Craigslist. By Thursday, it was set up in our yard and ready for our kids! The whole process was smooth and easy. He was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I definitely recommend him.
Kim K., 12/1/2016
Anthony of Ready Play Set did an amazing job! He was very responsive and provided great customer service, which is rare nowadays. Anthony had our play structure and rubber mulch flooring all set-up in less than a day! The structure is solid, a job well done! Anthony also provided advice on care and durability. Overall, he was very professional. I recommend Ready Play Set 100% and would not hesitate to call him again in the future!
Nora S., 8/13/2016
We needed a small, very specific footprint play set, and really couldn’t find one that wasn’t exorbitantly priced. We were about to settle for buying one at Costco, but would have needed to cut the swing arms off anyway due to no room for it. Called Tony from an ad in the community magazine, and told him my budget and needs, and he was able to put something fabulous together for us in our price range!

It’s perfect and the workmanship is superior to Costco play set. Plus he came out and installed it for us! This thing gets hours of kid abuse. Couldn’t be happier with it, thanks Tony!!

Wendy T., 9/22/2015
Anthony is awesome. He helped me pick out a playset that would fit for our space. We bought it from Wayfair, great because they have free shipping. He built it and it was so sturdy, THEN we moved locally and he moved and restained it for us. Can’t believe how fast he did it, and great price. I have recommended him to a friend. I think helped her sell and move it out of her yard. Recommend him highly.
Judy C., 8/1/2016
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