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The Mustang

The Mustang is one of our two taller playsets, which makes it a perfect backyard fort for older children as well as for large slides.

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The Mustang is exactly the same size as our other wooden playhouse in the Fun Shack Series, but is on the 7’ Level for more of a challenge for children when they get older.What a great way for grandparents to “babysit” and entertain their grandchildren,  five small very active boys!  The Lower Cabin with floor under the Upper Fun Deck and Lower Porch with Lemonade Counter is enough play area to entertain the smaller children.  For the older “adventurous ones”, “scaling” the 7’ Rock Wall to the Upper Level Fun Deck and 7’ Level Mustang Fort keeps them challenged with  a little hesitation at the top to try to “get up the nerve” to slide down the Gigantic 14’ Rave Slide (probably waiting for one of the Grandparents to wait at the bottom, so he will feel safe). It won’t take long until he will be “zipping” down it without a thought of fear. Children grow so fast, but they will never outgrow the 7’ Level.  Children can really get a thrill swinging very high with 7’ Level 3 Position Swing beam. “Fun is Our Middle Name.”